Let us change your life!  

We are here to make a difference in the lives of children and teens in our community.

Mental Health Issues are real!

One in five adolescents will experience a mental illness at some point in their young lives with  about 70% showing up before the age of 18. This experience can have a major impact on their lives, affect how they do in school and how they form relationships with others. Paws & Pals is aware that if mental health issues are not treated early, they can be significantly disruptive to a kid’s normal development and affect them for the rest of their lives.

Our Approach

Our PALS are the most precious part of our program and we are 100% dedicated to building a safe, healing “village” for all of them. PALS come in all shapes & sizes, color, age and need of our dedication. Our PALS are referred to the “The Dawg Pound” by our designated partners and school districts with the intention of adding therapy through dogs and mentors. Before a PAL is admitted to the program, they are required to attend a casual meet-and-greet with our K.I.N.D. team and their family/guardians. This meeting will  lay out our program, facility, training and expectations. If a PAL does not feel comfortable around dogs then they can be placed with a mentor for their sessions. After each weekly session, all parties involved with their healing will be updated on their progress and any issues that need to be addressed. PALS have strict and defined rules as to how they are to behave while at “The Dawg Pound” and will be dismissed from the program if the rules are broke, no exceptions. We are very proud of our unique program here to “Change Lives One PAW at a Time” and look forward to working with PALS in need of our PAWS!   

Be a part of healing!

Are you a family member with a young person struggling with mental health & life issues, but don’t know where to find help? Paws & Pals is here to help solve your struggles and get you and your loved one on the path to healing and happiness. A young one wrestling with mental health challenges affects the dynamic of the whole family unit. Our “village” philosophy requires every parent or guardian to be 100% dedicated to the program and follow through with all suggestions made for their child and family. We are dedicated to the success of our PALS and know that family involvement is a major factor in a successful healing process. Parents are required to complete an application and sign all program waivers & disclosures. Families are encouraged to be involved in all activities and events held at “The Dawg Pound” that help family dynamics. Training and Life Coaching sessions will also be available to parents to help them further their own progress personally and financially.